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How technology is making a difference

Service users at Wirral Autistic Society use a range of technologies to help them with concentration, social skills, dexterity and motivation.

Wearable biometric wristbands could ‘see inside’ the bodies of people with autism and predict dramatic behaviour changes

Biometric technology which helps 'see inside' the bodies of those with autism by measuring minute physiological changes such as surface skin temperature and heart rate, could be commercially available in the form of simple wristbands within two to five years.

Autism and technology: changing lives

From straightforward apps to lifelike robots, assistive technology is becoming a more prominent part of the lives of hundreds of people with autism across the UK. Enable found out about some of the clever gadgets that are making a difference.

Peter’s voice

Peter is a young man with autism and Down's syndrome.  Working with Peter is particularly rewarding for staff as his enthusiasm and motivation is high because he loves to dance and is brilliant on the trampoline.  But Peter has been mute for most of his life and was often frustrated by his [...]

Bethan’s lifeline

When Bethan's GCSEs loomed on the horizon, Kate, her mum, began to worry about how her daughter would cope. Bethan is 16 and has Asperger's syndrome. She's bright and capable in many ways but was easily stressed when faced with new challenges at school.

World’s leading authority on sensory issues to address delegates at Autech 2015

It is difficult to find original superlatives to describe Olga Bogdashina. This extraordinary woman enjoys an unparalleled international reputation in the field of sensory integration disorders.

Can machines replace humans?

Earlier this week, Jane Carolan, Director of Client Services at Wirral Autistic Society and Autech conference organiser appeared in Professional Social Work with an interesting article about the future of autism and new technology.

Day Programme for Autech//2015

We have released our Day Programme for Autech//2015. Full details can be found below or you can download a handy PDF here. 8.30 Registration, refreshments and marketplace and networking 9.15 – 9.40 Welcome by the chairs Robin Bush, Chief Executive Officer, Wirral Autistic Society Robyn Steward, Specialist Asperger’s consultant and author Kaspar [...]

As passionate about autism and technology as we are

Wirral Austistic Society have launched a movie which details their passion about how technology can revolutionise the lives of people with autism and where professionals, carers and people with autism can find out about the latest developments at an exciting one day conference.

Autech Infographics

With Autech//2015 fast approaching, Wirral Autistic Society have published a series of infographics giving some background information on the speakers featured at this exciting conference.